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This Podcast is about creating a podcast with guitar music improvisation as the subject matter. We used three cords with four different styles of picking to demonstrate the how different these chords can sound. This podcast is an example construction for Centralia College Multimedia Class, Winter of 2015 Continuing Education Department.


“CSI Bigfoot, the first ever college course devoted to the scientific examination of the questions and controversies surrounding Bigfoot. Is a giant undiscovered creature roaming the wilds of the Pacific Northwest? Native American legends and decades of credible reports beckon the curious to look deeper. Students will be exposed to the latest evidence and analysis while developing their own theories through the use of a unique flow chart assessment instrument. Join us as we peel back the layers of time and misinformation to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all.”


MindShare Learning Report Interview with Dr. Marc Glassman of Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada Dr. Glassman who has over three decades of teaching experience, including thousands of eLearning students, discusses the effect that technology and social networking structures are having upon education.


Exclusive Podcast Interview with Ann Marie Vaughan, Director of Distance Education Learning Technologies at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. Director Vaughan discusses Memorial University's leading role in eLearning and their innovative and cutting edge partnerships with governmental entities and commercial industries.


Exclusive MindShare Learning Podcast Interview with Dr. Hanan Yaniv, Professor of Education at the University of Calgary's Graduate Division of Educational Research. Dr. Yaniv discusses his construction of "knoworlds" in Second Life a Virtual Reality World, which is a collaborative learning environment based upon the Holodeck from Star Trek. the following video link demonstrates this concept.